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Good Monday!

Hello, everyone, I wish all of you a wonderful Monday! I just wanted to say I am getting in the mood of working out more. Last Saturday, was demonstration day but I gotta say demonstration definitely kicks butt and I can only imagine what the real deal will be like this week. My birthday is coming up in Wednesday so I am excited but that excited is from the fact that I will be doing my first official session with Rob, my personal trainer. I just want to thank my wife for the support through all of this. I hope I do not let her down. 

This morning I ate breakfast, a lifestyle I want to continue… which means waking up early… which means going to bed early. There are a lot of changes but I am prepared and will need the support and encouragement from my friends and family to get it down!

Check back for more!



As this is the first post on this blog, I would like to first introduce myself. My name is Sam and I am a father of two beautiful kids. I know some of my readers who do not know me might ask for their photos, but I am very protective of them so their photos won’t be on here. Anyways, back to my intro… I have a very beautiful mama as my wife and I love her dearly. I am currently a doctoral student at Grand Canyon University. I am not really good at intros so I hope you will get to know me through this blog.

4 thoughts on “Good Monday!

  1. I was so happy to see you eating breakfast! I hope you continue to see and feel the difference that eating regularly, getting more sleep, and exercise can provide! I am proud of you – and you will not let me down. You are trying, and I know you are going to continue to work hard. No matter if you blow your goal out of the water or don’t quite get there in the 90 days you are looking for, I will still be proud of you. I love you.

    1. Well this morning I had Honey Nut Cheerios and a banana, then yoghurt for snacks… flat bread with lettuce and chick fil a sauce… then apple and carrots for snacks… dinner was my mom’s banku and okra, and a mango.. with lotsa water in between

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