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Back To The Grind!

So Last night I was back in the gym after taking a night off…Theme of the day “muscle failure”… yesss! my body is still sore and probably will be for a while. We started with some warm ups and then dove right into full on work out… Shoulders, Lower back, and Biceps… I was soo tired and beat up after I didn’t even get to go on the bike or treadmill after. 

But this is what I needed… The I wanted to share today is the importance of water when it comes to working out… I am sure some of you will have many to say about water…



The Picture says it all



As this is the first post on this blog, I would like to first introduce myself. My name is Sam and I am a father of two beautiful kids. I know some of my readers who do not know me might ask for their photos, but I am very protective of them so their photos won’t be on here. Anyways, back to my intro… I have a very beautiful mama as my wife and I love her dearly. I am currently a doctoral student at Grand Canyon University. I am not really good at intros so I hope you will get to know me through this blog.

One thought on “Back To The Grind!

  1. I am glad you had a good workout- I hope you can get cardio in next time. I am glad you grasp the importance of water, and that’s all I will say about that 😉 Love you

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