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Know Who You Are

To all my avid readers and followers, especially those who send me a message to see how I am doing coz I haven’t posted anything lately, I am super sorry. It has been quite a hectic week but no fears… I have still been going to the gym.

Part of today’s post is also a progress report… According to my weighing scale… I have lost 5 lbs since I started this working out a month ago. Now I say according to the scale because as my trainer and other work out enthusiast had told me, I have probably lost more than 5 lbs of fat but my scaled is not recognizing all the weight lost because of the muscle weight i have gained. I feel better and I look better and soon, there will be photos. I don’t think I feel better to the point to show off the body just yet 😉 lol

But today, I wanted to talk about the power of knowing your own strength. When I first started this, all I had was a determination and dedication to my unborn son. That coupled with my trainer’s dedication to help me gave me the will to keep going, even when I am beat.  Now that i can see some improvement, it has let me know the power of will, the power that lies within us to push us forward ONLY IF we don’t succumb to fleshly desires to just on the couch and watch TV. 

I am not saying i do not still sit on the couch and watch tv, i do, trust me. But at the end of the day I have worked out my body to the point where if i am sitting relaxing, it is exactly how it sounds… RELAXING. I have come to know that there is a power inside me that I have been able to tap into that whenever I feel like I am not making progress or feel like failing, I get back up and move on.

If you are reading this and you have had this inclination to better your life, in any situation, I want you to know that you have the power and will. Do Not Underestimate yourself. 

You can do it!




As this is the first post on this blog, I would like to first introduce myself. My name is Sam and I am a father of two beautiful kids. I know some of my readers who do not know me might ask for their photos, but I am very protective of them so their photos won’t be on here. Anyways, back to my intro… I have a very beautiful mama as my wife and I love her dearly. I am currently a doctoral student at Grand Canyon University. I am not really good at intros so I hope you will get to know me through this blog.

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