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Learning How To Walk Again

Those who knows me know the type of comedy I love and most importantly my favorite comedian! Jim Gaffigan had this joke about how we are becoming a lazy society, almost to the point that in our airports we have moving sidewalk. And worst of all, we have a voice announce to us at the end of the moving sidewalk that the sidewalk has ended. Laziness and dumbness comes to mind when you hear this happening, but that’s besides the point I like to make.

he made an astute observation that on these sidewalk, sometimes it is hard to walk again when you have been on for a long time. I find this funny because the first few seconds after the sidewalk can be tricky!

Now to bring that in terms of my life I have always pondered “Can we forget to walk”? Well, I can certainly tell you this morning, I am learning to walk again. My legs are barely holding my frame because of a workout two nights ago… YES! you read correctly TWO nights ago. I was worked and over worked and worked out again. And as much I love taking this work out to the next level, the toll on my body is becoming more and more extreme. Some of these tolls are tightened tummy, weight loss, improved confidence… etc. you get my point. but once in a while some of those tolls are achy body and unwillingness to get out of bed 🙂

BUT, all of this has a point, a purpose to this madness, a ying to this yang, something that balances all this chaos-ness ( i made that word up). And this something, nay, someone is my awesome baby boy, Ian. He has become my motivation. 

Before going to the gym I was reading to him and having one of our “father-son talks” (yes we do those) I realize how much he is the reason for everything I do now. There isn’t anything I will not do for that prince, including learning how to walk again so I can run with him when he is here. As I ponder this achy legs and thighs and all this, I realize a gem of thought which is that it is interesting to be in this much pain, struggling to walk upright for a few days and to have my son and see him learn how to walk.

It will be an experience like no other because sometimes parents can forget how things were they were little (or maybe instead of forgetting, they just don’t remember… think about that lol) But i can say with certainty the idea of learning how to walk and not being able to stand straight will be fresh on my mind as I watch my son tries to walk…

But hey, let’s not put the cart in front of the horse… he needs to crawl first and hopefully I won’t have to crawl in the gym before that happens…

What is my motivation for you this morning, well it’s simple really…

KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE GOAL! For me it’s playtime with my son!



As this is the first post on this blog, I would like to first introduce myself. My name is Sam and I am a father of two beautiful kids. I know some of my readers who do not know me might ask for their photos, but I am very protective of them so their photos won’t be on here. Anyways, back to my intro… I have a very beautiful mama as my wife and I love her dearly. I am currently a doctoral student at Grand Canyon University. I am not really good at intros so I hope you will get to know me through this blog.

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