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A Picture is Worth A Thousand



Well, I didn’t work out yesterday… Not because it was my birthday, but I wouldn’t be home till 10 pm and I would be too tired. But tonight I’m gonna hit the gym hard!!!!

The photo above re-iterates my point in yesterday’s blog. It takes time but whenever you put in the time, in time you will see results… this is an encouragement for me!



As this is the first post on this blog, I would like to first introduce myself. My name is Sam and I am a father of two beautiful kids. I know some of my readers who do not know me might ask for their photos, but I am very protective of them so their photos won’t be on here. Anyways, back to my intro… I have a very beautiful mama as my wife and I love her dearly. I am currently a doctoral student at Grand Canyon University. I am not really good at intros so I hope you will get to know me through this blog.

One thought on “A Picture is Worth A Thousand

  1. It is okay to take days off I think – as long as it is not more than one day at a time, and not more than three days a week – but I think if you know you’re not going to be able to work out on a given day (ex: Wed and Friday nights), then taking a walk at some point in the day would be good, to at least get your heart rate above what it is when you sit all day at a desk 🙂 This is my suggestion – plus, the whether is getting nicer, so it would be good to get out and enjoy the fresh air and give your eyes a rest from the computer! Remember we have the step-counters still if you want to use that again, it seemed like a good motivator for you when you used to try and get 10,000 steps in a day. I love you, you’re doing great. I am excited you get to work with your trainer tonight.

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