Learning How To Walk Again

Those who knows me know the type of comedy I love and most importantly my favorite comedian! Jim Gaffigan had this joke about how we are becoming a lazy society, almost to the point that in our airports we have moving sidewalk. And worst of all, we have a voice announce to us at the end of the moving sidewalk that the sidewalk has ended. Laziness and dumbness comes to mind when you hear this happening, but that’s besides the point I like to make.

he made an astute observation that on these sidewalk, sometimes it is hard to walk again when you have been on for a long time. I find this funny because the first few seconds after the sidewalk can be tricky!

Now to bring that in terms of my life I have always pondered “Can we forget to walk”? Well, I can certainly tell you this morning, I am learning to walk again. My legs are barely holding my frame because of a workout two nights ago… YES! you read correctly TWO nights ago. I was worked and over worked and worked out again. And as much I love taking this work out to the next level, the toll on my body is becoming more and more extreme. Some of these tolls are tightened tummy, weight loss, improved confidence… etc. you get my point. but once in a while some of those tolls are achy body and unwillingness to get out of bed:)

BUT, all of this has a point, a purpose to this madness, a ying to this yang, something that balances all this chaos-ness ( i made that word up). And this something, nay, someone is my awesome baby boy, Ian. He has become my motivation. 

Before going to the gym I was reading to him and having one of our “father-son talks” (yes we do those) I realize how much he is the reason for everything I do now. There isn’t anything I will not do for that prince, including learning how to walk again so I can run with him when he is here. As I ponder this achy legs and thighs and all this, I realize a gem of thought which is that it is interesting to be in this much pain, struggling to walk upright for a few days and to have my son and see him learn how to walk.

It will be an experience like no other because sometimes parents can forget how things were they were little (or maybe instead of forgetting, they just don’t remember… think about that lol) But i can say with certainty the idea of learning how to walk and not being able to stand straight will be fresh on my mind as I watch my son tries to walk…

But hey, let’s not put the cart in front of the horse… he needs to crawl first and hopefully I won’t have to crawl in the gym before that happens…

What is my motivation for you this morning, well it’s simple really…

KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE GOAL! For me it’s playtime with my son!

Know Who You Are

To all my avid readers and followers, especially those who send me a message to see how I am doing coz I haven’t posted anything lately, I am super sorry. It has been quite a hectic week but no fears… I have still been going to the gym.

Part of today’s post is also a progress report… According to my weighing scale… I have lost 5 lbs since I started this working out a month ago. Now I say according to the scale because as my trainer and other work out enthusiast had told me, I have probably lost more than 5 lbs of fat but my scaled is not recognizing all the weight lost because of the muscle weight i have gained. I feel better and I look better and soon, there will be photos. I don’t think I feel better to the point to show off the body just yetūüėČ lol

But today, I wanted to talk about the power of knowing your own strength. When I first started this, all I had was a determination and dedication to my unborn son. That coupled with my trainer’s dedication to help me gave me the will to keep going, even when I am beat. ¬†Now that i can see some improvement, it has let me know the power of will, the power that lies within us to push us forward ONLY IF we don’t succumb to fleshly desires to just on the couch and watch TV.¬†

I am not saying i do not still sit on the couch and watch tv, i do, trust me. But at the end of the day I have worked out my body to the point where if i am sitting relaxing, it is exactly how it sounds… RELAXING. I have come to know that there is a power inside me that I have been able to tap into that whenever I feel like I am not making progress or feel like failing, I get back up and move on.

If you are reading this and you have had this inclination to better your life, in any situation, I want you to know that you have the power and will. Do Not Underestimate yourself. 

You can do it!


To Our Fallen Heroes



I hope everyone had a good looong weekend and an enjoyable Memorial Day. As a veteran of the greatest military on earth, Memorial Day is close to my heart. My grandpa was also in the military and my wife’s grandpa was also a military man, so you can say in some way, I am surrounded by Military traditions.¬†

Memorial Day is set aside for us to remember our fallen heroes. Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, Coast Guardsmen, Airmen, all of which laid their lives down so I can be online right now and post my opinion and no government can touch me. Freedom and Rights was sacrificed so we can have freedom and rights. It is interesting, isn’t it? When someone gave up something so valuable so you can have it. Freedom isn’t free… people used their lives for it.

Thank you. 


No Giant Step



We’ve all heard of the phrase Mr. Armstrong said when he landed on the moon! … One Giant Step for Mankind. People throughout history has been seeking that big jump into success, that quick hop to fame and what have you. In some circles of life, a giant step forward might be a good thing. I love American Football and being a New England Patriots fan, i listen to their radio station. I hear a lot talked about the “year two jump” for rookies. For those rookies, it’s important to take that giant leap or step or jump forward.

When it comes to working out and your body, there is no one giant leap forward. It takes time. I have realized that there are three things you need to excel in your work out. And I want to share that lesson with you.




These three things, when applied can be powerful in your quest for a better health, a good body image and a great feeling and a sense of self and purpose. Please do not stop at Commitment! Discipline and Hardwork work together


A Family Affair


Last night my dad and two brothers came with me to the gym. It is really fun having your family next to you. 

For my dad, it was more observing what I have been doing for the past three weeks or so. But for Jude and Daniel, it was all work out, work out, work out! It was fun! 

I was glad they came because the lesson learned today is the sign above… an hour is only 4 percent of your time in a day. If you do not have 4 percent of your time to take care of your body and¬†holistic health, your priorities are warped and need to be re-examined.¬†

Now don’t get me wrong, I used to be one of those that didn’t think I had an hour in a day to work out. But ¬†when it is put into terms of percentages, it seems easy, doesn’t it… You have NO EXCUSES




What losing weight does to you!

So I have not posted anything lately… don’t worry I have been working out! it’s just that work has been stressful lately.¬†

Actually workout has been one of the few getaways for me! 

Aside from my son, this is the ultimate reason why i believe workout and losing weight is good and can be good..



I like the whole “a picture is worth a thousand words”

Last night was brutal… i could bare lift my hand high enough to the steering wheels to drive. My trainer has become truly my cheerleader. I beat my personal time on rowing. I know it is not much for you rowers out there, but i rowed 1,500 meters in 7 minutes and 30 seconds… I was able to do that coz i had Rob standing next to me just cheering me on and giving me encouragement.¬†

It’s amazing how much encouragement pushes me… i personally respond very to encouraging on what i am doing right than most forms of encouragement!

I am super proud of myself and boy i gotta tell y’all… i looked good yesterday! :)¬†

Not All Sweet Stuff Are Actually Sweet


Hello Dear Ones

Saturday was a good day at the gym, my body was thoroughly exhausted. There maybe something wrong with my left arm, coz it was the only arm that was getting fatigued at an alarming quick rate.

But the lesson for this week is all in the photo above… Sugar may sound good and boy do we all love it… If you are a human being and you tell me that you hate Sugar, I’d say you are liar… LIAR LIAR PANTS ABLAZE WITH FIRE!!!!! We all love Sugar but this is one of those times, something sweet can actually leave a sour taste in your body… Be aware of Sugar… Sugar from fruits are okay coz they are natural, but they are sugar nonetheless, tread carefully!

Back To The Grind!

So Last night I was back in the gym after taking a night off…Theme of the day “muscle failure”… yesss! my body is still sore and probably will be for a while. We started with some warm ups and then dove right into full on work out… Shoulders, Lower back, and Biceps… I was soo tired and beat up after I didn’t even get to go on the bike or treadmill after.¬†

But this is what I needed… The I wanted to share today is the importance of water when it comes to working out… I am sure some of you will have many to say about water…



The Picture says it all

A Picture is Worth A Thousand



Well, I didn’t work out yesterday… Not because it was my birthday, but I wouldn’t be home till 10 pm and I would be too tired. But tonight I’m gonna hit the gym hard!!!!

The photo above re-iterates my point in yesterday’s blog. It takes time but whenever you put in the time, in time you will see results… this is an encouragement for me!


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